matic | マティック

Sho Sotoyama
外山 翔


He started his career as MATIC in 2012.
Based on spatial design, involved in store design, space design for exhibition and display design. In addition to directing the styling and VMD, he is particular about the production in his own atelier. He understands the features and background of the product, and proposes a way to maximize and bring out the appeal of the product.

自身のアート活動をAtelier matic(アトリエマティック)とし、主に大理石やアクリルを使用したオブジェや家具などの展示も精力的に行なっている。

He calls his art activities “Atelier matic” and actively exhibits objects and furniture made mainly of marble and acrylic.
In recent years, he has also gained recognition for his spatial designs that incorporate his artwork.