ATELIER MATIC | アトリエマティック


これまで商業施設などで展開してきたLAYERED FRAGRANCEが初となる路面店を東京・恵比寿にOPEN。店舗ごとに空間コンセプトを設定し、違う見え方の内装になっているが、今回は「屋根裏の調香師」をテーマに空間を作り上げた。壁に沿ってL字に配置された屋根裏側が商品を展開する店舗になり、屋根裏の手前部分がイベントスペース、スタッフの作業スペースとなる。

LAYERED FRAGRANCE, which has been operating in commercial facilities, has opened its first street store in Ebisu, Tokyo, and while each store has its own spatial concept, this time the theme is “perfumer in the attic. The L-shaped attic along the wall is the store where the products are sold, and the area in front of the attic is the event space and staff work space.


Passing through the entrance that looks as if it were cut out of the roof, we proceeded to the attic side. The organ used by the perfumers has been made, and the walls and ceilings have all been aged, in the hope that visitors will feel as if they have entered a different world.